Inside the Robles Case Files

Career Girls Hallway

An image of the third floor hallway, outside of the apartment where Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert were murdered on August 28, 1963. The photograph was in the DA case file boxes from the trial of Richard Robles, the convicted killer. (DA Case File, photographed in 1963)

Robles Transcription
A portion of a secretly recorded conversation between Richard Robles and his two friends, Jimmy and Margie Delaney, that was used to help convict Robles of murder. After Jimmy was arrested for an unrelated homicide, he received immunity for naming and recording the Wylie-Hoffert killer.This portion of the transcription is about whether or not the Delaney’s would have to take a lie detector test, and whether they could beat it. (DA Case File, 1964)


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