Authors, 2020

Kyra Alessandrini

Caitlin Antonios is receiving her M.S. in Journalism as a Toni Stabile Investigative Fellow at Columbia University. She received her undergraduate degree in English and literary journalism at the University of California, Irvine. Her reporting primarily focuses on women’s health and the mental health system.

James Courtright grew up between Malawi, the United States, and Tanzania. After studying African history in undergraduate, he served in the Peace Corps in Kolda, Senegal and worked as a freelance journalist in Dakar. He completes his masters degree in May 2020, after which he will return to West Africa.

Jackie Hajdenberg is a writer and reporter based in New York City and Central Florida. She is an alumna of Barnard College and currently studying at Columbia Journalism School where she gained experience in audio and video reporting. Her work has appeared in Honeysuckle Magazine, the Columbia Daily Spectator, and the Columbia Current. Her reporting has focused on social issues, the environment, housing, the Jewish community, and voter suppression. When she’s not reporting, she also enjoys writing humor, opinion, and reviews.

Anuja Jaiswal was born in Mumbai, and moved to Bahrain at the age of four. She studied English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford and am currently pursuing an M.A. in English and Comparative Literature at Columbia. At Oxford, she challenged the historical amnesia and evasion of Britain’s imperial legacy by working with Common Ground Oxford, a decolonizing student movement. Her pieces for this website arise from her on-going work on a book about the seminal musical West Side Story and its relationship with New York.

Fei Lu is a Chinese American writer who primarily focuses on fine arts, Asian American identity, and LGBTQ politics. Their work has been published in Paper Magazine, OUT, LGBTQNation, and more. You can contact Fei via their website,

Aliya Schneider

Matthew Pertz is a cashier, tractor driver and barista from North Carolina. He has practiced journalism for eight years. His work has appeared in TIME Magazine, Kentucky Monthly and the Asbury Collegian, among others. He lives in Raleigh.

Simmone Shah is a senior at Barnard College. In the past, she has worked with Reveal, ELLE Magazine, and The Daily Californian. She was born and raised in Northern California.

Ufon Umanah is an investigative writer from the Columbia College Class of 2020. Previously, he has reported on municipal and state policies as well as on political and legal stories out of Columbia University.

Xiaofei Xu, a Chinese native, graduated from the University of Chicago, where he studied French history. For four years, he has freelanced for the Chinese media outlet “The Paper,” where he writes about history, culture and international relations. He wants to become a foreign correspondent writing about business and international politics.