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  • Four Dimensional Living

    By Lindsay Holcomb In the heart of Queens, along the busy Long Island Expressway, stand 20 identical brown buildings, each 16 stories tall and emblazoned with gaudy, golden letters reading L-E-F-R-A-K. The cluster of structures is unmissable, towering exotically over the single-family residences, strip malls, and auto body shops that predominate in the Corona and […]

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  • The Price Was 10 Million Times Higher – But Was It Really Da Vinci?

    By Audrey Fein When Bader bin Abdullah bin Farhan al-Saud dropped $450 million on Leonardo da Vinci’s famed Salvator Mundi, he thought he had purchased the last known available da Vinci in the world. While scholars agree the piece was indeed once a da Vinci, what he may have gotten is a work of art […]

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  • Executive Order 9066 and Tule Lake

      By Jonathan G. Lee   On February 19, 1942, in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ordered 120,000 Japanese Americans to be rounded up into camps dotting the West Coast and the Midwest. A young boy named George Takei was one of the 120,000 people uprooted from their […]

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  • A Ring Of Truth

    By David Mora   To get from New York City’s Hall of Records to the place where the Twin Towers once stood, you don’t need to go far: three blocks west, five blocks south. If one is to search for the list of victims left by the attacks of September 11 in New York, either […]

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  • Confederate Cousins and Coal: Tracing the Thurmond Family Lineage

    By Isaac Fornarola   Thurmond is a formerly-thriving coal mining town in Fayette County, West Virginia. In its heyday, it was one of the most prosperous and active towns in the region, producing more revenue from coal than Cleveland, Ohio. But by the mid-20th century, Thurmond was all-but abandoned. Today, only five residents remain. Researching […]

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Latest Artifacts

  • The Nail In The Box

    By Adiel Kaplan     A clay nail from Mesopotamia of 2,500-2,340 BCE. The top half is covered all the way around with cuneiform writing in the Sumerian language. According to the catalogue of Columbia University’s cuneiform collection, it was considered a royal or monumental artifact, likely from the province Girsu. Dates were given at […]

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  • Puff Piece

    An article written about Goldman in Boston Globe in 1962. The piece supposedly presages a new direction for plywood in the field of agricultural irrigation, though Plycraft never ended up manufacturing anything other than boats and furniture. I was interested to see how a media outlet portrayed Goldman, and the author’s fixation on Goldman’s physical fitness struck me not only as odd from a journalistic standpoint, but also contradicts the many descriptions I’ve found of Goldman as he got older.

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  • The Difference a Year (or Two) Can Make

    These two documents are from the Lehman archives at Columbia University. The first, from 1958, is a cordial thank you note from Herbert Lehman to Carmine De Sapio and his wife for the flowers they sent to Lehman’s wife, who was recovering from an injury. The second document indicates a shift in the relationship: a […]

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  • 1844 Tunnel Opening Invitation

      This hand-marked invitation to the opening of the LIRR train tunnel the following week was sent to the editor of the Brooklyn Evening Star Nov. 27, 1844. Source: Brooklyn Historical Rail Association.  

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  • Nickerson Agonistes

    (L) Army ballistic missile expert Col. John C. Nickerson, Jr., averts his eyes as a wire service photographer captures him leaving court martial proceedings at Redstone Arsenal, in Huntsville, Alabama on June 25, 1957. Nickerson had just admitted to leaking classified rocket information to the press as part of a plea deal that saw him […]

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