The Orthodox Priest and His Communist Son

By Denise Ajiri

Kasha (priest) Ilisha Bet-Daniel, an orthodox priest and principal of the Russian Orthodox school in Urmia, Iran, with some students and school personnel. Number 18 (second row from the top, fourth from the left) is his son, Yushia Bet-Daniel. Yushia later becomes a Communist. He will be executed for his Communist activities in late 1946 or early 1947. The photo was taken in 1910s.


Yushia Bet-Daniel (right, sitting) and his Mother, Kizbas (left, sitting), brother, Mikhael (left, standing), wife, Daya (right, standing), first daughter, Zarina (center, standing) and second daughter, Jenny (sitting on his lap). By now Yushia has become a Communist. His brother will later become a capitalist and work in Iranian Oil Company along with the British. The photo was taken in mid-1920s.

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